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Code of Conduct

We inspire every pupil, in a nurturing, professional and positive environment.

Our Pupils:

  • Be respectful of everyone. Everyone deserves support and friendship..
  • Do not bully or be unkind to others because they are different from you in any way.
  • Always try your hardest. Do your best for yourself, not for other people and be proud of everything you achieve.
  • Do not upset or harm anyone else intentionally either with your words or your actions.
  • Come to class in the correct uniform, with smart hair. Look the part, feel  the part, dance the part!
  • Please explain absences
  • Talk to us about anything that worries you, help us to help keep you safe

Our Parents/Carers:

  • Be supportive of all our pupils, do not encourage unhealthy competition, and do not ridicule any child for their efforts or for their differences
  • Enable your child to do their best for themselves, support them with attendance, uniform and taking part.
  • Talk to staff respectfully, ask questions, tell us what is important to you and discuss any concerns to help us, as staff, to do the best for your child
  • Support staff to enable them to do the best

Our Staff:

  • Encourage all pupils to do their best
  • Make sure that the time at Inspire is fun
  • Make sure they learn something new or improve on something every session
  • Allow children and young people the opportunity to express their views and join in on decision making
  • Give children and young people a full and enjoyable experience of the dance world.
  • Respect diversity and equal opportunity
  • Keep up to date with training skills and legislation
  • Demonstrate openly we support our young people and will keep them safe from harm for example bullying

Thank you everyone!