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Wellbeing at Inspire

We inspire every pupil, in a nurturing, professional and positive environment.

At Inspire, we are passionate about the additional skills our pupils learn within our classes alongside dancing and performing. We take our roles as teachers very seriously, and the beauty of being a dance school is that we get to spend time with our pupils for many years, and often multiple times a week. We acknowledge what a privilege it is to be able to nurture our pupils socially and emotionally within our school.

We want to communicate with our Parents and Carers our wellbeing plan so that we can continue to work together at supporting our pupil’s mental health and wellbeing.


At Inspire we have an open door policy in which our pupils and parents/carers can come and talk to us or arrange a discussion at a convenient time. We have regular ‘check ins’ with our pupils to create the opportunities for expression and conversation. We encourage parents and carers to talk to us about their child/young person’s mental health and wellbeing as the more we communicate with each other, the more support we can give. At Inspire we take pride in the relationships we create with our pupils and their families, you are all important to us.


Our staff take part in mental health training and we ensure that mental health and wellbeing is discussed at staff meetings, as a team we are supportive of each other’s wellbeing and mental health.


We create an inclusive and supportive environment for our pupil’s and families.  Our pupils are always at the centre of our school. Our staff are all experienced, approachable, friendly and nurturing.


While we are not experts, we are passionate about mental health and wellbeing and have introduced approaches within our lessons to allow us to support our pupils. We have our mindful breathing or ‘rainbow breathing’ as our younger pupils may call it and our Core Value cards were created with well-being at the heart of the school.


You can catch us at class or reach us via phone or text on 07956242645 (Miss Katie) and via email  we will always ensure the appropriate members of staff are informed about our pupils.