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We inspire every pupil, in a nurturing, professional and positive environment.

Sarah Inspire Parent
Expectations and standards at Inspire are high but, at the same time, the teachers always bring smiles and joy to the classes… For our children, it offers the perfect balance between the formality needed to produce disciplined young dancers, and the fun required to nurture children who LOVE to dance.

Alison Inspire Parent
My daughter has been attending Inspire for well over 7 years. it’s been a joy to watch her confidence grow over this time and each week she can’t wait go get there fact we have recently decided to move and the first question Ebony asked was “can I still go to dance “!!

Julia Inspire Parent
My daughter has been attending the Inspire School of Dance and Drama for a few years now, and has progressed through her ballet, modern and tap grades with excellent results. It is not just the results though that make this school special, its the balance between getting the work done and having fun, that they have got just right. The teachers at Inspire are just the best at what they do. They really manage to get the kids dancing at a high level because they love dance as much as the kids do and it shows. (I suppose that it why the school is called Inspire!)

Sarah, Inspire Parent
My daughter joined Inspire in 2015 and loves being a part of the school. Inspire do exactly what their name says Inspire young people and help them build their confidence. Miss Katie, the owner is an inspirational teacher who always has a smile on her face and exciting and different choreography for the pupils to learn. Highly recommended for anyone who wants their child to enjoy a dance or theatre works class.

Claire Inspire Parent
Our daughter is now 4years old and has been coming to Inspire ballet and tap for about 18months. She was shy and very very quiet…the difference coming to this class with such loving and passionate teachers has made her into a very confident and outgoing little lady. So much so that she has made new friends and has thoroughly enjoyed her first ever summer workshop

Lynda Inspire Parent
After moving back to Beverley from the USA in January my daughter started dancing at inspire in March. Despite joining mid way through the year she was made to feel very welcome by everyone. She loves her dance class and she asked about adding an extra class tonight. Really professional dance tuition while also having fun. Thank you!

Eva Inspire Senior Pupil
I started dancing at Inspire at the age of six, and it is such a welcoming environment. Inspire has a variety of different classes and workshops, from ballet to senior pizza night, that is why I like inspire. I love the fact that we all get along so well inside classes and make so many new friends. Dancing at Inspire has made me so much more confident in myself, it makes me happy.

Ebony Inspire Senior Pupil
I have been at Inspire for 7 years now and feel part of a huge, loving, accepting family. I enjoy dance as it takes my mind off all my worries and gets me exercising in a fun and motivating way. Miss Katie always comes up with fun activites for the end of terms and her dances are inventive and enthusiastic. When I joined the school in Year 4 I was taken in by welcoming smiles and friendly faces who have been with me throughout my journey at Inspire. Next year I will be graduating and I will be so sad to be leaving everyone but I am so fond of the memories I have made.

Heidi Inspire Senior Pupil
I started dance at inspire after seeing how welcoming they were to my younger siblings and how much they enjoyed it. The past year has being unsettling and dance has given me something to focus on. I am able to express myself without judgement and fear of embarrassing myself. At inspire we all look out for each other.

Lottie Inspire Adult Dancer
I go to the adult class on a Wednesday night and it is so much fun! Everyone is so friendly and Katie is great at making sure we all feel comfortable and relaxed. I always go home with a huge smile on my face. If you’re thinking about coming along do it, you won’t regret it.